The main Applications of packaging aluminum foilAlloy Series: 1 ***, 3 ***, 5 ***,8***Typical alloys: 1060,1100,3003,5052,8011,8021,8079Material state: O、H22、H24Thickness (mm): 0.018-0.2Width (mm) 100-1600length:CThe main Applications of packaging a…

The main Applications of packaging aluminum foil


The main Applications of packaging aluminum foil

Alloy Series: 1 ***, 3 ***, 5 ***,8***

Typical alloys: 1060,1100,3003,5052,8011,8021,8079

Material state: O、H22、H24

Thickness (mm): 0.018-0.2

Width (mm) 100-1600


The main Applications of packaging aluminum foil:

① made of aluminum foil flexible packaging bags for the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetics industry;

② semi-rigid containers made of aluminum foil (boxes, cups, cans, saucers, small boxes);

household aluminum foil(aluminum foil sheet thick) and aluminum foil for food packaging;

④ metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles sealed lid;

⑤ rigid aluminum cans, especially the two-wide aluminum beer cans and soft drinks cans (hard cans);

⑥ composite foil containers;

⑦ soft tubular container;

⑧ large rigid packaging containers, such as containers, refrigerated containers, beer barrels, oxygen cylinders, liquefied natural gas cans and so on.(aluminum foil foam insulation sheet)

Using first-class equipment and top instruments to ensure that the food packaging foil(aluminum foil bag with tear notch strip) printing effect and mechanical properties, improved product performance and temperature performance across the air. Furnace equipment, including box-type furnace, air circulation system, diversion device, purge and exhaust system, bayonet heater, door, door lift and clamping device, cooling water system. The maximum working temperature of the furnace is 650 ℃, the temperature difference is ≤ ± 5 ℃, the metal annealing temperature is 120 ~ 580 ℃, the temperature difference of the metal is ≤ ± 3 ℃.

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