Do you know aluminum foil moistureproof property and applied range


Aluminum foil moistureproof property:

Compared with other packaging materials, aluminum foil, with good moisture resistance, but also has a long shelf life and convenience advantages of safety, with the thinning of the thickness of aluminum foil, and with the inevitable thinning of aluminum foil thickness increases pinholes, but its moisture resistance than those without pinholes plastic film and other packaging materials are still advantages, mainly because of the plastic polymer chain greater distance from each other, can not prevent moisture penetration. If the foil surface is coated with a resin or paper, plastic film composite their better moisture resistance.

Aluminum foil Application:

First, the automotive complex.With the vigorous development of China's automobile industry and automotive aluminum ratio continues to improve, the rapid increase in automobile market demand with foil, foil car, there are two, one is the car air conditioner composite foil China's automobile air conditioners have all aluminum, aluminum foil annual demand of 15,000 tons; the other is a car radiator with composite foil for the manufacture of automotive radiator, auto condenser and evaporator, the current car tank aluminum rate of 40%, the annual demand an amount of about 0.3 million tons.

Second, drug foil(aluminium foil manufacturer)

Pharmaceutical packaging foil including a liquid, injectable easy open-type cap and medicinal PTP aluminum foil metal, since the PTP aluminum foil with moisture, easy to carry, safety and health, etc., in the international pharmaceutical industry is widely used in our country since 1985 started using aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging, packaging foil so far only 20% of drug packaging materials, drug foil market in recent years, rapid development, on the one hand the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, but mainly because 20% of the proportion of applications in aluminum foil pharmaceutical packaging continues to increase.

Third, the cable material with aluminum foil metal and flexible packaging foil

Wire and cable plastic composite with aluminum foil is made of flexible foil is the use of soft composite packaging material bag container, flexible packaging technology has greatly improved mechanization and automation level of the food and beverage industry to speed up the modernization of people's eating habits, the socialization process. in developed countries, food flexible packaging has become one of the main forms of beverage packaging, within a certain range to replace the canned and bottled. in recent years, China's flexible packaging market soon, has so far introduced 10 composite aluminum foil production lines,. not only flexible packaging with moisture, depending on the effectiveness of preservation uses of aluminum foil composite dry, hot melt composite, extrusion lamination of different processes, and a variety of printable patterns and text, is a modern commercial packaging the ideal material. with the improvement of people's living standards, flexible packaging foil aluminum there is still much room for development.

Fourth, the electrolytic capacitor with aluminum foil(aluminium foil suppliers)

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is used for etching a material to work in polar conditions, the organizational structure of the aluminum foil have higher requirements, the use of aluminum foil is divided into three types: a cathode foil thickness of 0.015mm ~ 0.06mm; high-pressure foil thickness It is 0.065mm ~ 0.1mm, the requirements of high-purity aluminum foil production; low pressure foil thickness of 0.06mm ~ 0.1mm.

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